What We Do

  • Provide technical assistance to all Procuring Entities in BWDB regarding manual & e-GP tender;
  • Monitor compliance with the Public Procurement Act & Rules, e-GP Guidelines and other procurement guidelines followed by different donor agencies;
  • Assist Head of the procuring entity (The Director General, BWDB) in discharging the responsibilities vested upon him under the Public Procurement Act, Rules and Delegation of Financial Power (DoFP);
  • Provide Help-desk support to Procuring Entities, Tender/Proposal Evaluation Committee members in processing the e-GP activities;
  • Performs the duties of e-GP Organization Admin of BWDB;
  • Provide opinion in relation to complex procurement issues;
  • Verify the Tender Documents, Request for Proposal Documents; Specifications, Terms of References (ToR) etc. prepared by the concern Procuring Entities.
  • Issue guidance notes, instructions to BWDB procuring entities in regarding procurement activities;
  • Develop, promote and support training and professional development of BWDB officials engaged in public procurement;